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Number of photo series : 2093
Total number of photos : 37460

Chanterelles / Deep funnel-shaped fruitbodies at maturity

Craterellus fallax

Black Trumpet, Horn of Plenty

Chanterelle fausse corne d'abondance,Trompette des morts

18-Craterellus Fallax, 02-08-2023, Miléna Johnson
16-Craterellus fallax, 23-08-2022, Hélène Desaulniers;
15-Craterellus fallax, 31-07-2022, Isabelle Pouliot;
14-Craterellus fallax, 29-06-2022, Isabelle Pouliot;
13-Craterellus fallax, 06-07-2022, Isabelle Pouliot;
12-Craterellus fallax, 15-09-2018, F. Miron;
11-Craterellus fallax, 10-09-2018, F. Miron;
10-Craterellus fallax, 25-08-2015, F. Miron;
9-Craterellus fallax, 25-09-2013, Stéphane Poitras, Francine Fallara;
8-Craterellus fallax, 15-09-2013, F. Miron;
7-Craterellus fallax, 10-09-2013, François Brouillard;
5-Craterellus fallax, 24-08-2013, Anne-Marie Comeau;
4-Craterellus fallax, 21-08-2013, Marcel Otis;
3-Craterellus fallax, 20-08-2013, F. Miron;
2-Craterellus fallax, 19-08-2013, Marcel Otis;
1-Craterellus fallax, 2004, Christophe Marineau;