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Number of photo series : 2063
Total number of photos : 36845

Edibles / Autumn

Sarcodon squamosus

Turtle Mushroom

Champignon tortue, Hydne écailleux

10-Sarcodon squamosus, 01-10-2021, Philippe D’Ambroise
9-Sarcodon squamosus, 18-09-2015, F. Miron;
8-Sarcodon squamosus, 08-09-2013, F. Miron;
7-Sarcodon squamosus, 07-09-2013, F. Miron;
6-Sarcodon squamosus, 25-08-2013, F. Miron;
5-Sarcodon squamosus, 25-08-2013, F. Miron;
4-Sarcodon squamosus, 25-08-2013, F. Miron;
3-Sarcodon squamosus, 23-08-2013, F. Miron;
2-Sarcodon squamosus, 23-08-2013, Marcel Otis;
1-Sarcodon squamosus, 23-09-2011, F. Miron;
0-Sarcodon squamosus, 11-09-2011, M. Otis;