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Number of photo series : 2093
Total number of photos : 37460

Bolete / Partial colour change to blue

Baorangia bicolor var., Boletus bicolor var.

Two-colored Bolete var.

Bolet bicolore var.

7-Baorangia bicolor var., 13-08-2020, F. Miron;
6-Baorangia bicolor var., 01-08-2020, F. Miron;
5-Baorangia bicolor var., 29-07-2020, F. Miron;
4-Baorangia bicolor var., 28-07-2020, F. Miron;
3-Baorangia bicolor var., 12-09-2019, F. Miron;
2-Baorangia bicolor var., 05-09-2019, F. Miron;
1-Baorangia bicolor var., 01-08-2020, F. Miron;