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Number of photo series : 2093
Total number of photos : 37460

Bolete / Stipe reticulate, on at least the upper part

Boletus chippewaensis, Boletus edulis

King Bolete

Cèpe d'Amérique

42-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2015, F. Miron;
33-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-08-2015, F. Miron;
48-Boletus chippewaensis, 30-08-2016, F. Miron;
47-Boletus chippewaensis, 22-09-2015, F. Miron;
46-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2015, F. Miron;
45-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2015, F. Miron;
44-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2015, F. Miron;
43-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2015, F. Miron;
41-Boletus chippewaensis, 07-09-2015, F. Miron;
4-Boletus chippewaensis, 10-07-2015, F. Miron;
34-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-08-2015, F. Miron;
32-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-08-2015, F. Miron;
52-Boletus chippewaensis, 28-08-2016, F. Miron;
31-Boletus chippewaensis, 15-08-2015, F. Miron;
30-Boletus chippewaensis, 14-08-2015, F. Miron;
29-Boletus chippewaensis, 03-08-2015, F. Miron;
28-Boletus chippewaensis, 10-07-2015, F. Miron;
27-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-07-2015, F. Miron;
26-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-07-2015, F. Miron;
25-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-07-2015, F. Miron;
24-Boletus chippewaensis, 22-06-2015, F. Miron;
23-Boletus chippewaensis, 22-06-2015, F. Miron;
22-Boletus chippewaensis, 22-06-2015, F. Miron;
50-Boletus chippewaensis, 08-08-2016, F. Miron;
49-Boletus chippewaensis, 12-07-2016, F. Miron;
53-Boletus chippewaensis, 30-08-2016, F. Miron;
61-Boletus chippewaensis, 31-08-2018, F. Miron;
100-Boletus chippewaensis, biodiversité/biodiversity, 30-10-2022;
71-Boletus chippewaensis, 11-07-2022, Hélène Desaulniers;
67-Boletus chippewaensis, 30 et 31 08-2020, F. Miron;
66-Boletus chippewaensis, 07-09-2019, F. Miron;
65-Boletus chippewaensis, 26-08-2019, F. Miron;
64-Boletus chippewaensis, 24-07-2019, F. Miron;
63-Boletus chippewaensis, 22-07-2019, F. Miron;
54-Boletus chippewaensis, 24-09-2016, F. Miron;
62-Boletus chippewaensis, 31-08-2018, F. Miron;
21-Boletus chippewaensis, 04-08-2015, F. Miron;
55-Boletus chippewaensis, 28-09-2016, F. Miron;
59-Boletus chippewaensis, 14-09-2017, F. Miron;
60-Boletus chippewaensis, 30-08-2018, F. Miron;
56-Boletus chippewaensis, 28-09-2016, F. Miron;
57-Boletus chippewaensis, 01-10-2016, F. Miron;
58-Boletus chippewaensis, 08-07-2017, F. Miron;
37-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-09-2015, F. Miron;
36-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-09-2015, F. Miron;
38-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-09-2015, F. Miron;
35-Boletus chippewaensis, 02-09-2015, F. Miron;
74-Boletus chippewaensis, 27-07-2021, Nathalie Léonard
39-Boletus chippewaensis, 05-09-2015, F. Miron;
40-Boletus chippewaensis, 06-09-2015, F. Miron;
68-Boletus chippewaensis, 24-07-2021, Renée Larivière;
11-Boletus chippewaensis, 17-09-2013, F.;
10-Boletus chippewaensis, 17-09-2013, F. Miron;
15-Boletus chippewaensis, 15-09-2014, F. Miron;
17-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2014, F. Miron;
12-Boletus chippewaensis, 10-07-2014, F. Miron;
13-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-07-2014, Marcel Otis;
18-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2014, F. Miron;
16-Boletus chippewaensis, 21-09-2014, F. Miron;
14-Boletus chippewaensis, 23-07-2014, Marcel Otis;
19-Boletus chippewaensis, 24-09-2014, F. Miron;
9-Boletus chippewaensis, 10-08-2013, F. Miron;
2-Boletus chippewaensis, 07-08-2013, F. Miron;
20-Boletus chippewaensis, 29-09-2014, F. Miron;
3-Boletus chippewaensis, 18-08-2013, F. Miron;
8-Boletus chippewaensis, 08-09-2013, F. Miron;
5-Boletus chippewaensis, 18-08-2013, F. Miron;
51-Boletus chippewaensis, 25-08-2016, F. Miron;
6-Boletus chippewaensis, 24-08-2013, Marcel Otis;
7-Boletus chippewaensis, 08-09-2013, F. Miron;
70-Boletus chippewaensis, 03-07-2022, Jessy Savard;
1-Boletus chippewaensis, 05-08-2013, Marcel Otis;
69-Boletus chippewaensis, 04-07-2021, Cynthia Tremblay;
72-Boletus chippewaensis, 04-09-2022, Janie Desforges;
73-Boletus chippewaensis, 18-09-2022, Mylène Simard;